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New Lab Publications!

Grossmann, I., Rotella, A., Hutcherson, C. A., Sharpinskyi, K., Varnum, M. E., Achter, S., Dhami, M. K., Guo, X. E., Kara-Yakoubian, M., Mandel, D. R., Raes, L., Tay, L., Vie, A., Wagner, L., Adamkovic, M., Arami, A., Arriaga, P., Bandara, K., Baník, G., … Wilkening, T. (2023). Insights into the accuracy of social scientists’ forecasts of societal change. Nature Human Behaviour, 7(4), 484–501.

Jachimowicz, J. M., Davidai, S., Goya‐Tocchetto, D., Szaszi, B., Day, M. V., Tepper, S. J., Phillips, L. T., Mirza, M. U., Ordabayeva, N., & Hauser, O. P. (2022). Inequality in researchers’ minds: Four guiding questions for studying subjective perceptions of economic inequality. Journal of Economic Surveys, 37(5), 1534–1561.

Special note for this publication: 

It was one of the most read articles in the journal within the last year (top 10% downloaded article) 


Lab outing at Escape Quest!

Our lab members got together for a fun interactive team building activity at Escape Quest. The Members did the rooms: 1892 and Taken by the Faeries, and had so much fun!


New lab funded project!

In collaboration with Net Zero Atlantic and several academics from UNB, Dalhousie, UPEI and Cape Breton University, in Fall 2023 the lab will begin working on research projects related to better understanding pro-environmental behaviours in Atlantic Canada. Federal funding for this project is provided by Environment and Climate Change Canada and Mitacs.


New lab publication!

Day, M. V., & Norton, M. I. (2023). Perceived and ideal inequality in university endowments in the United States. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 49(8), 1151-1165.


Congrats to students!

Congratulations for graduating honours students Haley, Shawna and Barika!
Haley and Shawna also presented their honours research at the Science Atlantic Conference in Halifax.


Piatto Lunch December 2022

Our lab members came together to celebrate the end of another great semester. 

Happy Holidays to everyone! .


New lab publications!

This article is open-access and includes some open-science practices such as preregistration and open materials. 

McAleese, O., & Day, M. V. (2022). Some Psychological Determinants of Broad Union Attitudes. Journal of Social and Political Psychology, 10(2), 588-606.


Recent student achievements!

Congratulations to Chan for completing his MSc degree, and for graduating honours students Maddison, Greg and Rachel! A second congrats to Rachel who won the University Medal for Academic Excellence in Psychology!

Also, a big congrats to Jonah for successfully defending his PsyD thesis!


Lab articles published

Genge, O., & Day, M.V. (2021). Explaining support for post-secondary educational funding for Indigenous students. Canadian Journal of Behavioural Science, 53, 304-314.

Nadler, J., Day, M.V., Beshai, S., & Mishra, S. (2020). The relative deprivation trap: How feeling deprived relates to symptoms of Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology, 10, 897-922.


New lab publications!

Congrats to lab students Olivia Genge (now at Dalhousie University) and Jonah Nadler on their recent first-author publications! Both research projects followed open science practices, including preregistration, and Olivia's project is fully available at OSF (materials, syntax, data). 

Genge, O., & Day, M.V. (In Press). Explaining support for post-secondary educational funding for Indigenous students. Canadian Journal of Behavioural Science.

Nadler, J., Day, M.V., Beshai, S., & Mishra, S. (Accepted). The relative deprivation trap: How feeling deprived relates to symptoms of Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology


Check out these lab preprints and open data!


McAleese, O., & Day, M. V. (2020). Some Psychological Barriers of Broad Union Support.

Day, M. V., & Norton, M. I. (2020). Well Endowed? The Actual, Estimated and Ideal Inequality of University Endowments.


Genge, O., & Day, M. V. (2020). Explaining Support for Post-Secondary Educational Funding for Indigenous Students. Retrieved from


New lab publications!

A few new lab publications. Huge congrats to Master's student - Anna Keshabyan - on her first author paper!

Keshabyan, A., & Day, M.V. (2020). Concerned whether you’ll make it in life? Status anxiety uniquely explains job satisfaction. Frontiers in Psychology, 11, 1123.

Landy, J.F., Jia, M., Ding, I.L., Viganola, D., Tierney, W., …Day, M.V., … (2020). Crowdsourcing hypothesis tests: Making transparent how design choices shape research results. Psychological Bulletin, 146, 451-479.


Davidai, S., Day, M., Goya-Tocchetto, D., Hauser, O., Jachimowicz, J., Mirza, M. U., … Tepper, S. (June, 2020). We have a rare opportunity to create a stronger, more equitable society. Behavioral Scientist.



New Lab Preprint Now Available!

The research project by Genge & Day (Psychological Barriers to Educational Funding for Aboriginal Students) is now available as a preprint:


In the SPSP News

The spotlight is on: Martin Day SPSP Member Profile


Congrats to the lab graduates!

Congrats to Katie on completing her MAPS degree, as well as graduating honours students Olivia and Maggie, as well lab research assistant Liam, all who have gone on to graduate school programs. 


New Lab Publication

Day, M. V., & Fiske, S. T. (2019). Understanding the nature and consequences of social mobility beliefs (pp. 365-380). In J. Jetten & K. Peters (Eds.), The social psychology of inequality. Springer.


Owen at Psychology Research Day


Olivia at Psychology Research Day


Maggie at Psychology Research Day


Quidi Vidi Lab Hike November 2018


Quidi Vidi Lab Hike November 2018

Back row: Jonah, Julia, Olivia, Marty

Front row: Owen, Chan, Samantha


Congrats to Anna and Mike!

Congrats to Anna Keshabyan and Mike Ryan for completing their Master's degrees. Two years in the societal cognition lab - well done! 


Kathleen at the Canadian Society for Brain, Behaviour and Cognitive Science Conference


Congratulations to Mark for Winning Best Honours Poster 2018

Mark's honours poster, 'Can Our Perceptions of Social Mobility Affect How We Feel About Immigrants?', recently won best poster at the department’s annual research day. Read more about the event in the Gazette article below!


Recent Grads!

Congratulations to our recent graduates Kathleen and Mark who have both finished their undergraduate degrees in Psychology!


Kathleen at Psychology Research Day 2018

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